Maddy Kadish

Writer, Instructional Designer, and Producer

Instructional Designer/ Digital Content Editor

Online courses on PSN+
Pearson Education, Boston, MA
Instructional design and content development work for online courses, including assessment, assets in GIS Maps, and Interactive Whiteboard lessons.
GIS Maps
Pearson Education, Boston, MA
Developed Mapa Global Interactivo, a GIS map feature in Realidades for students to tour the Spanish-speaking world in Google Earth. Designed the template for the team to create 100 assets in the 6 online courses.
GIS Maps
Love to Learn
Pearson Plc, London, England 
Digital content development and user testing for agile workflow.
Kickin’ Kitchen TV
KidsCOOK Productions, Cambridge, MA
Designed games and supported the video shoot.
Kickin' Kitchen TV
Mobile games
Pearson Education, Boston, MA
Developed the instructional strategy for mobile learning games, designed for the iPad.
World History Games American History Games


Metropolitan College Online 
Boston University, Boston, MA 
Developed content for online courses in Met’s learning management system.